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We are a Swiss independent investment house that aims at becoming the premier reference for identifying, structuring, and funding the best sustainable investments in Latin America


Our value compass

We only get involved in transactions that are commercially viable and socially-environmentally responsible. We make sure that both our clients and investors share our moral compass and are genuinely concerned about sustainable development.


We pursue absolute integrity in everything we do by making sure that we act with sheer “inside-out congruence”. We consciously choose to practice our values, not just professing them.


We honor capital, people and the environment equally. We only work with clients and in transactions that we truly believe in. We set clear boundaries and we are willing to say NO when required: for us, “candid is kind”.


We extend the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words and actions of others. We try to see the world with an "abundance mentality”, which we find critical to create flexible, innovative solutions to meet the demands of the age we live in.




National park of lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

We only offer you what we excel at

We broaden our vision to dream and imagine, while we narrow our focus by sticking to the region and sectors we know well. Through our services, we aim at making a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to Latin America's sustainable development.

Just like you, We are entrepreneurs

We aim at becoming a “safe pair of hands” to our clients and investors. However, we don’t shy away from turning “bold and intrepid” when the situation demands it. We reflect our entrepreneurial spirit clearly by putting our money where our mouth is: our compensation is always and only based on the success of the project.

We are human and yes, We make mistakes

We are only interested in long-term relationships. We take relationships so seriously that we offer each client and investor a "Principal to Principal" relationship, where one of our directors personally heads every single transaction. We make mistakes; we commit to own them, apologize and make amends.

We consider the human experience
one of continuous transformation

We devote serious efforts to remain curious and exposed to new trends and technology; to innovate is hard. Our “human scale” and hands-on approach enable us to quickly adapt to meet our client's most difficult challenges. Everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning.

We are Independent

We carry our clients' best interests in our heart by providing an independent service with absolute loyalty and free of any conflict of interest. We fathom independence and freedom as “the birthplace to be better”.

Our partners


Our team

Mariano G. Undank

Executive Director

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Doris Solis Arenas

Director Central America

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Carlos Müller

Director Andean Region

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Federico Durini

Director Legal & Compliance

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Bernard Jordan

Director Southern Cone

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Giancarlo Sanchez

Associate Director

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